House of Representatives Chief Agrees on Cabinet Reshuffle

Meilikhah    •    Kamis, 07 May 2015 16:02 WIB
cabinet reshuffle
House of Representatives Chief Agrees on Cabinet Reshuffle
Head of the Indonesian House of Representatives Setya Novanto (center) -- ANTARA FOTO / Widodo S. Jusuf, Jakarta: Head of the Indonesian House of Representatives Setya Novanto assessed that reshuffle needs to be conducted in a short amount of time. According to his opinion, several ministries have reported unsatisfactory performance records.


The politician from the Golkar Party understood if many have proposed the need of ministerial reshuffle, “I see that several ministers need evaluations, but some others are just unable to be evaluated anymore. We hope it (reshuffle) will happen soon,” Setya said at the Town Hall, Central Jakarta, Thursday (7//5/2015).


As a member of the parliament, Setya admits to be asked for considerations by President Joko Widodo, but he had no power of pointing out which ministers to be reshuffled. That is the prerogative right of the president, he mentioned.


“Well, even though I was able to provide considerations, we entrusted this to the president. Reshuffle is completely within the president’s prerogative right,” he said.

“Of course we appreciated and respect the president which have evaluated the entire cabinet within the six month work period,” Setya continued.


Previously, Vice President Jusuf Kalla hinted that the government is to remodel the ministers' composition of the Working Cabinet (Kabinet Kerja). He thinks that there are certain mismatches of several minister figures within the cabinet.


“Well, since we need lots of performance upgrades, surely people with the right abilities are needed,” the vice president previously said in his office, Monday, May 4.


When asked about the time and ministry field, he reluctantly answered in details. The reshuffle, he said, is to be conducted when necessary.


“Of course, within the near future,” he answered.


While the reshuffle issue is rising, Sigi Poltracking Institute mentioned that 41.8 percent of the people agrees on cabinet reshuffling, while 28 percent says it is unnecessary.


The Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA) had also urged the reshuffle, as President Jokowi has to replace his aids in order to keep the country from losing even more.


“I urged Jokowi not to hesitate in reshuffling the ministers incapable of achieving Nawa Cita. This is urgent,” the Secretary General of FITRA Yenni Sucipto stated a while ago. (Eko Prasetyo)


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