Jokowi: Merauke to be the World's Food Storehouse

Anggi Hasibuan    •    Senin, 11 May 2015 13:20 WIB
harvest season
Jokowi: Merauke to be the World's Food Storehouse
President Joko Widodo participating in harvest season at Merauke, Papua, Sunday (11/5/2015) -- (Photo: Metro TV / Anggi Hasibuan), Merauke: The plantation fields in Merauke have implemented modern processing, where the lands are targeted to expand within the next three years, as the harvest is expected to double within that time.

The target was conveyed by President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo during the inauguration of a main harvest in Wapeko, Merauke, Sunday (5/10/2015). The modern paddy field harvested has reached 1.2 million hectares.

"There are 4.6 (million) hectares we have observed and identified, but the usable ones were at 1.2 (million) hectares," Jokowi said.

The modern processing applied in the 1.2 million hectares have made each hectare to provide up to 8 tons of harvest products. It also includes harvesting method using giant automated harvester machine.

"It is not impossible that rice products from Merauke may reach up to 60 million tons in three harvests," Jokowi continued.

In reaching the target within three years, the government will provide support to the government-run and private companies in the field of agriculture. This is especially focused on the research of developing top seeds and the facilities for modern farming education.

"Irrigation systems, roads and ports are to be built within this year, so it would be easy to transport rice everywhere," added Jokowi on the infrastructure network to be built in West Papua.

"If this succeeds, Merauke will not only be the national storehouse. The world's dependency on food will be placed here," Jokowi concluded. (Eps)



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