Antasari Azhar's Plea For Clemency

Lukman Diah Sari    •    Senin, 11 May 2015 18:26 WIB
antasari azhar
Antasari Azhar's Plea For Clemency
Former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chief Antasari Azhar (C) talks to journalists after a hearing over the Bank Century bailout scandal at the parliament in Jakarta on September 12, 2012 -- AFP PHOTO / ADEK BERRY, Jakarta: Antasari Azhar, an 18-year imprisoned convict on the case of the Nasrudin Zulkarnaen's murder, plead for clemency. The clemency petition had been offered to President Joko Widodo on February 20.

"It has been a while, since February 20," Boyamin Saiman, coordinator for Antasari's legal representatives said on Monday (5/11/2015).

According to Boyamin, his client is now awaiting for the president's answer. He hoped that the president would grant the petition for Antasari.

"(President's answer) is around next month, most likely," Boyamin added.

Aside from the clemency, Boyamin and his team are also awaiting for results from the Supreme Court (MA). The conclusion from the court was released on Friday, May 8. But the legal counsel is unaware of the content, since it was sent directly to the President.

"Based on the Law, Clemency requires the Supreme Court's opinion whether it is approved or not," he stated.

Antasari, along with Sigid Haryo Wibisono, were convicted of conspiring in the murder of Nasrudin, the director of PT Rajawali Putra Banjaran. The assassination was allegedly due to a 'love triangle'.

Antasari was penalized with 18-year in prison, at the South Jakarta Court, on February 11, 2010. Judge Herry Swantoro confirmed that all elements had been fulfilled, among others the perpetrator, accessory, with purpose, planned, as well as loss of life.

In September 2011, Antasari had proposed a Case Review (PK), but denied due to inappropriate evidence. (Eps)