Attorney General Awaits Letter to Facilitate Mary Jane's Review

Meilikhah    •    Rabu, 13 May 2015 14:35 WIB
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Attorney General Awaits Letter to Facilitate Mary Jane's Review
Tony Spontana, spokesman for the office of attorney general, answers journalist question in Jakarta on January 30, 2015. AFP/BAY ISMOYO, Jakarta: At the moment, the Philippines court have not examined Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso, a convicted drug case sentenced to death in Indonesia. Mary Jane was scheduled for testimonial hearing on May 8-14, 2015.

"We are still waiting for the official letter from the Philippines to facilitate their wish of examining Mary Jane as a witness in the case against Kristina Maria Sergio," said the head of information division of the attorney general's office (AGO), Tony Spontana, to, Wednesday (5/13/2015).

Tony confirmed that Mary Jane's status as a death row convict haven't been aborted yet.

Previously, Tony conveyed that the plan of testimonial hearing by Mary Jane with the Philippines authority is to be conducted through video conference. He explained that the testimony is predicted to be closed for public, based on Mary Jane's status.

Mary Jane was exempted from execution at the last moments before facing the firing squad on Wednesday, April 28. The suspension of execution was due to the Philippines government's direct plea to Indonesia in connection with the surrender of Sergio, Mary Jane's liaison. Maria is said to surrender out of pity towards Mary Jane. (Eps)


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