Premium Remains, The List of Rising Fuel Prices

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Premium Remains, The List of Rising Fuel Prices
A fuel attendant fills up vehicles at a petrol station in Jakarta on February 2, 2015. AFP / ROMEO GACAD, Jakarta: PT Pertamina (tbk) release a letter stating they are to increase the special fuel (BBK) and regular fuel (BBM) prices this evening, May 15, 2015, at 00.00 WIB on the Marketing Operational Region III areas covering Jakarta and West Java.

"We hereby announce the changes of prices, as of May 15, 2015, at 00.00 WIB, of the sale price of Pertamax Plus, Pertamax Dex, Premium and economic Diesel/Biodiesel in the areas of Marketing Operational Region III," conveyed the Retail Manager of the Marketing Directorate of Fuel Marketing Region III Pramono Sulistyo, as quoted from the official announcement in Jakarta, Thursday (5/14/2015).

The new administered prices of BBM and BBK are as follows:
1. Pertamax Plus Rp10,550 per litre, increase Rp500 from the previous Rp10,050.
2. Pertamax Rp9,600 per litre, increased Rp800 from the previous Rp8,800.
3. Pertamina Dex Rp12,200 per litre, increased Rp300 from the previous Rp11,900.
4. Premium Rp7,400, price remains.
5. Economic Diesel/Biodiesel Rp9,200 per litre. For diesel, the significant raise is at Rp2,700 from the previous Rp6,900.

Responding to the price hike, Pertamina's VP of Communication Wianda Pusponegoro stated the prices are subject to price index.

"There is the market price index as reference. Because Pertamax series is the type of common fuel, then there is no subsidy from the government and the price follows the movement of market index," Wianda said when contacted by (Eps)


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