Police Wants the Criminal Investigation Building to be Like FBI's

Githa Farahdina    •    Senin, 18 May 2015 17:24 WIB
indonesian national police
Police Wants the Criminal Investigation Building to be Like FBI's

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: The National Police is planning to demolish the Criminal Investigation Building to build a new one. The plan is to be delivered to the National Planning Agency (Bapennas).

Head of the Public Relation Division of the National Police Inspector General Anton Charliyan admitted that the building is no longer suitable for office use. "The building is not suitable anymore, if it caught fire, people will think it is coincidently burned. The cables, at the top (of the building) are scattered around." Anton said in the National Polive Public Relation Building, South Jakarta, Monday (5/18/2015).

Even so, added Anton, during an interview investigation the testifier often sweltered. "If the air conditioner (temperature) is raised, it (electricity) dies," Anton added.

Anton thinks that for public service, there is no harm for the government in releasing maximum budget. If achieved, Anton wants the public to see the Criminal Investigation office like the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) office.

"Well, if it is for public service, then how hard could it be. We have to be modern and feasible," he affirmed.

His party had also planned to discuss with the House of Representatives' Commission III as their working partner, including in setting up the budget. "We base this on the right process. It should be according to the right law. Therefore, we meet first with the House," he added. (Eps)