Teluk Lamong Terminal, Environment Friendly and State of the Art Port

Pelangi Karismakristi    •    Jumat, 22 May 2015 17:52 WIB
Teluk Lamong Terminal, Environment Friendly and State of the Art Port, Jakarta: Indonesia has completed the massive construction project of Teluk Lamong Terminal, as the inauguration was set to coincide with the National Day of Awakening.
"We have proposed the government to inaugurate Teluk Lamong Terminal and West Surabaya Cruise Line (APBS) coinciding with the momentum of the commemoration of the National Awakening Day," the Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (tbk), Djarwo Surjanto.
"The momentum is for the maritime awakening day, that we are capable of constructing Teluk Lamong Terminal," he continued in a press conference in Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/12/2015).
Djarwo thinks that Teluk Lamong Terminal deserves an officiation on the historical date. The terminal, with a total area covering 40 hectares in the border of Surabaya and Gresik, is the first terminal in Indonesia operating with a semi automatic system.
"Semi automatic means everything is controlled from the control room. It is not for show, but for safety. Trucks and cranes are everywhere on the field, and it may hit many people running back and forth. It reduces human contact, as well as extortions," Djarwo deliberated. 
In moving containers, Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) is no longer utilised as in Tanjung Perak and Tanjung Priok Ports. Instead, the new terminal utilises the Automatic Stacking Crane (ASC) interconnected with the Terminal Operating System (TOS) to facilitate status identifications and information on respective containers.
One of the  benefits of utilising sophisticated technology is to increase productivity of the port. In such, the amount of time needed by the ships to dock - whether it is to unload or load cargos - is shortened. As the result, the waiting time of the ships about to dock can be cut short. This will allow businessmen to conduct efficiency on logistic expenses, which will reduce the amount of selling price from the items delivered.
The state of the art equipment applied in Teluk Lamong is also environmentally friendly, where the loading and unloading machines from ASC to Ship-to-Shore Crane (STS) is generated by electricity power. 
In a fully loaded and busy conditions, the total amount of electricity power needed is 100 Mega Watt. Amazingly, the supply of power does not rely on PLN only, but also from a Gas Power Plant (PLTG) built especially to support the terminal.
Especially for the Automotive Terminal Trailer (ATT) and Straddle Carriers (SC), the terminal utilises diesel machines with EURO 4 emission standard. The high environment friendly standard also applies to container trucks, as only trucks with liquid gas (LNG) fuel is allowed to enter the terminal premises. 
As for diesel fuelled trucks, a transfer area is available on the outer ring of the terminal. There, the loads are to be carried and transferred by LNG fuelled trucks. 
"Teluk Lamong Terminal is perfectly ideal. As a green and semi automatic terminal, there will be no more extortions, its access allows larger ships with much greater loads to dock since it is in a deeper sea-level," Djarwo concluded. (EPS)


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