Jokowi's Dream of Corruption Eradication

K. Yudha Wirakusuma    •    Selasa, 26 May 2015 14:53 WIB
Jokowi's Dream of Corruption Eradication
Presiden of Indonesia Joko Widodo. MI / ROMMY PUJIANTO, Jakarta: Nine names on the Selection Committee for the Anti-Corruption Agency (KPK) was announced by President Joko Widodo at Halim Perdanakusumakusuma Airport, as he read the names prior to his departure to East Java and South Sulawesi.

The nine names possess different skills, where the President described the selection team is comprised of experts in criminal law, constitutional law, business law, economy, sociology, psychology and governance.
"With these criteria, the commissioner has strong capabilities to enhance KPK's synergy in the framework of corruption eradication system," Jokowi said last Thursday, May 21.

The nine names Jokowi entrusted are Destry Damayanti, M.Sc, Dr Enny Nurbaningsih, SH, Prof. Dr. Harkristuti Harkrisnowo, SH, LLM, Ir. Betti S Alisjabana, MBA, Dr. Yenti Garnasih, SH, MH, Supra Wimbarti, M.SC, Ph.D, Natalia Subagyo, M.Sc, Dr. Diani Sadiawati, SH, LLM, Meuthia Ganie-Rochman, Ph.D.

Nevertheless, the names mentioned have drawn critic since they are all females. Aside from that, the names chosen possess various skills.

"The one to be selected is not a rector or a director. It is the Chairman of KPK. Corruption crimes are extraordinary crimes, so KPK has the potential of making enemies from all executives, judiciary and legislative parties. So how does these nine people know about bribery, intimidation, bribes and others," said the former KPK advisor, Abdullah Hehamahua on May 22.

From Abdullah's perspective, corruptors have various weapons to be used in attacking KPK leader at all time. Therefore, KPK Selection Committee (Pansel KPK) should be capable enough in selecting a person able to dismiss the weapons. "Corruptors have three powers: money, gangs and weapons. So those selecting KPK leader should be aware of these," Abdullah conveyed.

Despite any critics, the committee has slowly started their movements. On Monday, May 26, 2015 Jokowi met with Pansel KPK at the Presidential Palace. In the occasion, the Indonesian top figure conveyed his dream on corruption eradication. 

The meeting was held in one of the Palace's rooms, where the President spoke with the nine ladies. In selecting prospective leader of KPK, the committee will involve other parties in the inquiry of the prospects' track records.

It is possible that the committee will cooperate with the Report and Analytics Center of Financial Transaction (PPATK) to explore their (prospects) income resources.

Jokowi wishes the future leader of KPK is capable of strengthening its position in various fields, including in the efforts of institutional improvements and new methods of investigation.

Jokowi is prepared to support the committee in conducting their work, through budgets and other items. "Through the State Secretariat, I support the budgeting and secretarial needs of the team, especially related to data and information," Jokowi affirmed. (Eps)