Cars with Modified Plates Rampant in Jakarta

Githa Farahdina, Al Abrar    •    Kamis, 28 May 2015 17:08 WIB
modified plate numbers
Cars with Modified Plates Rampant in Jakarta
Car with modified plate number in Jakarta. MTVN / Al Abrar, Jakarta: Vehicles with modified license plate numbers are roaming around freely in the streets of Jakarta, despite the violation of the Traffic Law.

As in Epicentrum Walk, Kuningan, South Jakarta. A white Toyota Rush which passed through last weekend. The interesting part was the car's license plate number.  

The owner had modified the plates to B16 Z4RA, which is unlisted on the traffic police website, 

The regulation of prohibiting the use of modified license plates is written on the Article 280 of the Law No. 22/2009 on Traffic and Transportation.

For anyone breaking the Law, they are to face 2 (two) months of prison or a fine of Rp500,000.

Moreover, a car with a modified license plate took risk in entering the National Police Headquarters, in Trunojoyo, South Jakarta. The Toyota Innova Kijang with the plate B 466 UZ was caught passing through the parking area.

As observed by, the black vehicle boldly passed through the parking lot of National Police's  Criminal Investigation Agency towards the main road at around 13.55 local time (WIB). The owner had modified the plate, where the numbers and letters of the plate described his name, B466UZ or Bagguz.

(Photo: MTVN / Githa Farahdina)

Uniquely, not all vehicles may enter the agency's parking area, as only those possessing the access card may enter the lot. Oddly, the police personnel who usually took firm actions on the modified plates did not reprimand.

The situation is violating the Article 280 of Law No. 22 Year 2009 on Traffic and Transportation, which says:

"Every person driving Motorized Vehicle on the road unequipped with TNKB (License Plate Numbers) assigned by the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia, as mentioned in Article 68 paragraph (1) is to be sentenced with 2 (two) months of prison time or a fine as much as Rp500,000." (Eps)