President Instructed Sports Minister to Run Competition

Alfa Mandalika    •    Jumat, 29 May 2015 13:29 WIB
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President Instructed Sports Minister to Run Competition
President Joko Widodo (Foto: AFP), Manado: President Joko Widodo affirmed he would fully support the measures taken by Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs Imam Nahwari in resolving the matters of Indonesian football. Aside from that, Jokowi also urged the minister to start up the competition as soon as possible.
"I also instructed the Minister of Sports to guarantee the inter-regional football competitions to continue," Joko Widodo said in Manado, Friday (5/29/2015).
His stance in the dispute between PSSI and the ministry is clear, Jokowi said, which is to fully support the measures taken by the Sports Minister to improve national football. He also wanted the minister to continue national football reform.
"In repairing the national football, the most important idea is the development stage which become the foreground of a fair national football competition," he stated.
The former mayor of Solo also deliberated that this is the perfect moment to repair national football.
"It is fine for us to be absent temporarily in international competition, but we can build huge accomplishments in the future," Jokowi said.
"I am certain that after the improvements are concluded, our achievement in football will crawl up," he deliberated. (EPS)