Infrastructure Developments Still Centered in Java

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Infrastructure Developments Still Centered in Java
Infrastructure still centered in Java (Photo: Antara), Jakarta: A member of the budgeting board (Banggar) of the House of Representatives Iskan Qolba Lubis assessed, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and the Minister of National Development Planning -or the Head of Bappenas- Andrinof Chaniago have unsynchronized thoughts on their vision and mission to develop Indonesia's economy.
Iskan conveyed his opinion as he thinks that the developments in Indonesia is still Java-centric, or centered in Java. Nevertheless, the former Jakarta Governor had always said that his administration will redirect the developments to East Indonesia.
"We have been independent for 70 years, but our development is still Java-centric, which is dangerous for our future economy. Nevertheless, Mr. Jokowi stated that the development is aiming towards the east," he said at the Parliamentary Complex, Senayan, South Jakarta, Thursday evening (5/28/2015).
He even pointed out that the government seemed not to serious in creating equal developments. Moreover, Jokowi's aids tend to be stagnated with the current development pattern.
"The government's budget politic is still very traditional. There are no significant changes. Let's say that it used to be from Sumatra and Kalimantan, when natural resources were expensive, the developments grew more in Java. But when the rubber price decreased, the government had no policies to resolve it. Bappenas and the president are not in sync," he elaborated.
Iskan stated the government should not focus mainly on financial sector. In fact, what the constitution (UUD '45) wants is growth which provides prosperous people, instead of creating a growing number of poor citizens.
"The growth is seen from its effectiveness in reducing poverty. We have nothing to be proud of. The government should focus on these two issues, reducing the gap. We are too relaxed. Ministers in Jakarta are living well, but we, in our regions, know exactly how they feel," he explained.
At the occasion, the House of Representatives' Head of Budgeting Board Ahmadi Noor Supit said so far investors have only chosen Java island as their investment target due to limited choice. Government-run infrastructure is weighed solely in Java.
"Good access is in Java. Well, this is the government's duties to drive the developments so they may also be conducted outside Java," he stated. (EPS)


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