Sri Mulyani to be Examined on Letter of Condensate Payment Guidelines

Githa Farahdina    •    Senin, 08 Jun 2015 14:44 WIB
sri mulyani
Sri Mulyani to be Examined on Letter of Condensate Payment Guidelines
Sri Mulyani Indrawati, managing director and chief operating officer of the World Bank speaks during the Singapore Summit in Singapore on September 20, 2014. AFP / MOHD FYROL, Jakarta: Criminal investigators from the National Police was headed to the Ministry of Finance Building for Sri Mulyani's examination. The Director of Economic and Special Crimes Brigadier General Viktor Simanjuntak explained, Sri Mulyani is to be examined as witness in relation to the delivery of letters on PT Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama (TPPI) case.

"The examination is related to the letter published by Financial Ministry during her period, on the payment guidelines of condensate run by BP Migas (Oil and Gas Regulatory Board) to TPPI," Viktor said at the National Police Criminal Investigation Office, Monday (6/8/2015).

Unfortunately, Viktor has not yet concluded whether there is an abuse of authority conducted by the official for the World Bank.

Previously, Sri Mulyani is to be examined at the National Police Criminal Investigation office on June 10, but she has to return to the United States tomorrow, June 9. Even today, the former minister is unavailable due to an important agenda in the Ministry of Finance. "We have waited here, then the Ministry called informing that she has an activity at the Ministry today, as she asked to be checked at the Finance Ministry," Viktor explained.

Viktor explained there is no special treatment towards Sri Mulyani during examination.

The Ministry of Finance during Sri Mulyani's administration had published a letter which become the preference for SKK Migas to directly appoint PT TPPI to sell the state owned condensate.

As time goes, the Criminal Investigation Unit assessed that it was a problematic sale. Several officials from the ministry and related parties have conducted examinations, including the Head of Fiscal Policy Agency of the Finance Ministry Anggito Abimanyu.

Meanwhile, the Department Head for the First Section of the Legal Aid of the Finance Ministry Didik Hariyanto, who had also been examined, revealed Sri Mulyani's role within the sale. Didik said Sri was not directly involved in the appointment of PT TPPI as the condensate sales partner.

"So the Minister only approved the payment schematic proposal," Didik stated.

In October 2008, SKK Migas had directly appointed PT TPPI as the condensate vendor. The contract agreement between both institutions were signed on March 2009.

The process had allegedly violated the Head of BP Migas Decree No. KPTS-20/BP00000/2003-SO on the Operational Guidelines of the State Owned Raw Oil/Condensate Sales, as well as the Head of BP Migas Decree No. KPTS-24/BPO0000/2003-SO on the Establishment of a Team to Appoint State Owned Raw Oil/Condensate Vendor.

Investigators assessed that there are breaches on Article 2 and/or Article 3 Law No. 31 Year 1999 on Corruption Criminal Acts as modified with Law No. 20 Year 2001 on the Changes of Law No 31/1999 on Corruption Criminal Acts and/or Article 3 and Article 6 Law No. 15/2002 on Money Laundering as modified with Law No. 25/2003.

The Criminal Investigation Unit claimed the case of PT TPPI as a mega-corruption, causing the loss of Rp2 trillion or USD156 million state financial fund. (Eps)