Government to Set Affordable Houses for Labors and Fishermen

Wanda Indana    •    Selasa, 09 Jun 2015 16:45 WIB
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Government to Set Affordable Houses for Labors and Fishermen
Neighbourhood in Tangerang, Banten. Antara Foto / M AGUNG RAJASA, Jakarta: The government had pledged on constructing affordable houses for labors and fishermen, as the procurement is combined within the one million houses program.

"Not only civil servants, but also labors. Affordable houses for fishermen has been included on the President's program," Minister of Interior Tjahjo Kumolo said at the Ministry's Office, Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (6/9/2015).

Minister Tjahjo confirmed he had assigned regional heads to accelerate and assist in manifesting public affordable houses development program.

"The one million houses program will be directed to several areas. Regional heads may assist and accelerate should they have ideas and land. The requirement is that (the complex) should be near from the city," Interior Minister stated.

There are many areas provided by the regional governments, but are still below requirements. The location is not strategic.

"Road infrastructures are not available yet. There will be integrated team from BTN, REI and so forth, to find land not far from the city," he added. "We will keep on searching for those who are completely ready (lands)."

President Joko Widodo launched the program on the development of one million houses at the end of April 2015. The down payment for this particular program is very low, one percent from the total price. Commercial house down payments ranged at 20 to 30 percent.

The ownership credit interest is also at minimum: 5 percent from the previous 7.5 percent. Maximum credit tenure is 20 years, with installments between Rp500 to Rp600 thousand per month. (Eps)

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