Sadistic Murder of an 8-Year Old in Bali Sparks Public Anger

Al Abrar, Arnoldus Dhae, Rifai Pamone    •    Kamis, 11 Jun 2015 14:28 WIB
sadistic murder
Sadistic Murder of an 8-Year Old in Bali Sparks Public Anger
Angeline, an 8-year old girl who were murdered and buried behind a chicken stable in Denpasar, Bali. Twitter, Denpasar: An eight-year old child reported missing, Angeline, has been found. Tragically, Angeline was found dead at the back part of her house in Sedap Malam Road No. 26, Denpasar, Bali, Wednesday June 10.

When found, the position of the poor girl was buried behind a chicken stable.

Her guardian mother, Margaret, had reported her missing since May 16, 2015. She confessed that Angeline was last seen playing in front of her house at around 16.00 local time (WITA).

The tragic event gained attention from many parties. Not only the police, hundreds of volunteers have also searched for Angeline. They had distributed her photograph to the corners of the city.

The Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Yohana Yambise, along with the Minister of State Apparatus Reform Yuddy Chrisnadi had visited Angeline home, who lived with her guardian mother. Yuddy even requested for all civil servants in Denpasar to search for Angeline.

The police spotted a messy mound on the ground at the back of Angeline's house along with her guardian family in Sedap Malam Road No. 26, Denpasar, Bali. Piles of trash had covered the mound, whereas the exact position was among the banana trees nearby the chickens stables.

Under the suspicion, the police dug the trash mound, and found Angeline 'laying'. Angeline was in a body bag, as an hour later the body of the long haired girl was transferred to the Sanglah Central Public Hospital in Denpasar.

"With maximum efforts, we finally discovered that Angeline had already passed away," Bali Police Chief Inspector General Ronny Sompie said when met at the victim's residence in Denpasar.

Hundreds of citizens following the process of body transfer have also experienced the loss. Many of them cried when witnessing the poor girl 'moving out' from the side door of the house.

Meanwhile during the excavation, none of the family members had witnessed the process. The guardian mother, Margaret, was not seen at the location.

A rumor mentioned that the background for this murder was inheritance. When she was three-days old, Margaret and her husband had taken Angeline as their child. The couple then raised Angeline at their Bali home.

A couple of years ago, Margaret's expatriate husband passed away. It is heard that Angeline has acquired a large amount of inheritance from her guardian father. Police rejected to comment on the matter.

The police have stated a suspect, Agus, who works as a helper at Margaret's residence. In his statement to the police, Agus confessed of conducting violence, which in the end cost the life of the little girl.

Not only that, Agus, who had only working for a week at the residence, also conducted sexual harassment against Angeline.

"He was only there for a week at Angeline's guardian mother, but he had raped her for many times," said a member of P2TP2A, Siti Sapurah.

Angelina's biological mother, Hamida, was hysterical knowing that her daughter was found buried at her residence. She hoped the murderer will be sentenced to death. Hamida has also objected on a single suspect mentioned by the police, Agus.

Some parties also urges the sadistic murderer to be imposed capital punishment, one of them being the Deputy Speaker of the Consultative Assembly Hidayat Nurwahid. "It is appropriate for death sentence, this is horrendous," Hidayat said at the Parliamentary Building, Senayan, Jakarta.

Currently, Bali Regional Police is conducting pre-reconstruction related to the death of Angeline at Sedap Malam Road, Denpasar, Thursday (6/11/2015). The police have brought the suspect, Agus.

Local residents gathering in the area sneer at the suspect. They condemn Agus who murdered the second grader elementary school child in cold blood. (Eps)


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