Agus Did Not Strangle Angeline, Police Urged to Seek Other Suspects

Arnoldus Dhae    •    Jumat, 12 Jun 2015 18:35 WIB
sadistic murder
Agus Did Not Strangle Angeline, Police Urged to Seek Other Suspects
Evacuation process for Angeline body (Photo: ANTARA), Denpasar: Agus Tai Andamai conducted the pre-reconstruction of the murder of Angeline. The East Sumba suspect conducted 19 scenes, but Agus did not display the strangling scene.
Agus' lawyer, Haposan Sihombing, demanded the police to reveal the suspect who strangled Angeline. He was certain there might be other suspect(s) who murdered the eight-year old second grader elementary school student.
"This has become the police's duties to reveal the person who strangled Angeline," Haposan said following the pre-reconstruction at Margaret, Angeline's guardian mother's residence, in Sedap Malam Road No, 26 Denpasar, Bali, Thursday (6/11/2015). 
Happ dan explained that in the pre-reconstruction, ropes were visible around the crime scene. However, Agus did not use the rope to strangle Angeline's neck. The murder of Angeline happened on May 16, whereas the police found the body of the child buried nearby a chicken stall, yesterday, June 10, 2015.
The visible marks of rope strangulation on Angeline's neck were confirmed by the Installation Head of Forensic from Sanglah Public Hospital, dr. Dudut Rustiadi. The mark is stated in the autopsy result, as Dudut said Angeline passed away due to impact on right and left temples, as well as the forehead, which caused massive bleeding on the head part of the victim. 
"Autopsy steps have been completed," Dudut said.
During the forensic examination, it was also known that there are several injuries sustained by Angeline prior to her death. Related to the sexual assault allegedly conducted by Agus, Dudut said his party was unable to confirm. He was unable to examine victim's vital organs due to the decomposing state of the body. (EPS)


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