Angeline's Murder Destroyed Bali's Natural Harmonization

Surya Perkasa    •    Jumat, 12 Jun 2015 18:39 WIB
sadistic murder
Angeline's Murder Destroyed Bali's Natural Harmonization
I Gede Pasek Suardika (Photo: MI), Jakarta: The Member of Regional Representatives Gede Pasek Suardika feels sad and flustered on the eight-year old Angeline's murder case. He feels sad due to the miserable condition of when she was found, while infuriated by the actions of the culprit who abused, harassed and murdered the second grader student.
The Balinese Senator was very disappointed. Moreover, according to Balinese tradition, a special traditional ceremony is needed.
"For us, Balinese, the murder of this scale is very disruptive to the natural harmony named as 'Leteh' or disgraced. It needs the Bhuta Yadnya ceremonies such as a serious Mecaru Gede to bring back the harmony of the nature," he said, Thursday (6/11/2015).
The ceremony is in need for Angeline's spirit may live peacefully. Because, Pasek said, the treatment endured by the eight-year old was totally inhuman.
"Hopefully Angeline may live in peace on the other side," he said.
The Democrat Party politician supported heavy punishment for the perpetrator. It is common to see many sides urging death sentence for the suspect.
"It is a collective crime, so it becomes weighing factor. Rape, premeditated murder collectively resulted in death penalty threats," he said.
His hope is that the public's perspective becomes wide open due to the case. There should be no more child abandonment, rape, harassment, up to murder to be repeated. "It is the nation's future," he said. (EPS)