BNPT Comments on an Indonesian Beheaded by ISIS

K. Yudha Wirakusuma    •    Jumat, 26 Jun 2015 14:40 WIB
BNPT Comments on an Indonesian Beheaded by ISIS
Photo: AFP, Jakarta: An unidentified Indonesian citizen was reportedly executed to death by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The Indonesian national allegedly transmitted HIV virus to ISIS members through blood donation.

Expert Staff of the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) Wawan H. Purwanto said the case is not the responsibility of the government, as joining ISIS violates the Citizenship Law.

"If it is already at the war zone, it becomes personal responsibility. Why would they go to the battlefield, let alone not in our country. In the Citizenship Law, it is mentioned the responsibilities to be practiced by Indonesians, especially the restriction of joining foreign militia," Wawan said in Jakarta, Friday (6/26/2015).

There are some who believes, he continued, that going to battle in Ramadan is valued more. As such a new battle theory created related to savagery, leading them to behead people in Ramadan.

It is done to bluff the opponent. "But as a Moslem, Ramadan should not be contaminated with such savage actions. Ramadan supposed to be calm," he stated.

He said what happens to ISIS is not a religious conflict, instead a political interference. It created the different understanding on battles fought during Ramadan.

"With the savagery theory, the act of violence for them is considered just, as long as it is directed to the opponents. And it does not see what kind of month. Even in some countries, war is happening during Ramadan. Ideally the Moslem clerics should produce an agreement to define the understanding that Ramadan is peaceful, and of course, the right understanding of jihad," he added.

Wawan advised Indonesian citizens lured by ISIS' invitation to Syria to reconsider their actions. They have to use their common sense and assess themselves of being worthy enough to be there.

"What is the use of looking for trouble. The conditions are very different there than Indonesia. The terrain and weather are tough. We have to possess enough skills to join ISIS. If not, then we (Indonesians) would only be casualties," he elaborated.

Wawan continued that in essence, without skills and abilities to face battlefield, one should not expect to last long in conflicted areas like Iraq and Syria.

Moreover, there are 14 factions involved in war in Syria. Attacks could strike not only from ISIS, but any factions, including Syrian military which was proven to kill Indonesian citizen previously.

Prior to the comment, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir was unable to verify the Indonesian executed by ISIS for spreading AIDS.

"We have asked the verification from the initial writer of the news. From our communication with the media, there were no concrete verifications on the news," he said.

According to Arrmanatha, the English media publishing the story, Daily Mail, has not acquired the name of the Indonesian national.

"Aside from that, they have no certainty of when and where the death execution took place. They were unable to provide details. So we cannot verify the incident," affirmed the man usually called by Tata.
The unknown Indonesian national was reportedly spreading panic over ISIS members in Shaddadi, Hasaka Province.

The spread of AIDS were revealed following a test on an ISIS member from Egypt, which acquired blood donor from the Indonesian. Aside from that, a 15-year-old ethnic Yazidi, who was also his sex slave, was also infected by AIDS.

The Egyptian ISIS member and the ethnic Yazidi prisoner were examined by the doctor when their faces looked pale. The doctor performing medical check up then revealed that both had been infected by AIDS. Meanwhile, the Indonesian ISIS member was believed to have spread the disease after he donated his blood.

The investigation on the medical background of the Indonesian had shown that prior to joining ISIS in September 2014, he had been infected by AIDS. After being caught, the Indonesian was reportedly executed to death for distributing diseases to ISIS members by donating his blood to the wounded members. (EPS)