Malaysia Should Realize Sebatik is Part of Indonesia

Fajar Nugraha    •    Rabu, 01 Jul 2015 13:50 WIB
Malaysia Should Realize Sebatik is Part of Indonesia
Director of Law, Politics, Territorial Security and International Agreement Octavino Alimudin. MTVN, Jakarta: Malaysian helicopter breaching into Indonesian territory should have realized of conducting violation.

Director of Law, Politics, Territorial Security and International Agreement Octavino Alimudin said the Indonesian government through the Foreign Ministry had conveyed the concerns. Clarification was also requested on the incident.

"Because it is clear that this is Indonesian territory. Whereas within enough time they can actually see that this is Indonesian territory," Octavino said at the Palapa Room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta, Tuesday (6/30/2015).

Looking at the time chronology, the border security post on Sunday 08.43AM (6/28/2015), saw a Malaysian helicopter passing by. Then the post observed the helicopter landed at 08.45. But on 08.48AM, the chopper took off and left the area.

"Despite the short moment, from the location coordinate aspect, there was no hesitation that this is an Indonesian territory," he explained.

Due to the border violation, Foreign Ministry called the representative of Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta at 10.00AM this morning. However, it was not the Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia Zahrain Mohamed Hashim who came, rather the Deputy Ambassador Roseli Abdul.

Octavino said the Deputy Ambassador Roseli has not received reports on the issue from Kuala Lumpur. But he mentioned that Sabah Aviation Airlines had apologized. The apology has been noticed by Indonesian General Consulate in Kinabalu.

Previously, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arrmanatha Nasir mentioned that the helicopter landed in their helipad, which is nearby the helipad in the Indonesian territory.

They were about to land in their helipad, but it was invisible due to puddles on the area. They saw another helipad, as they think it is their helipad. As they were about to land, they found out it was not theirs, as it is in the Indonesian territory.

In the helicopter, there was Malaysian Interior Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who was conducting a work visit. (Eps)


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