What is the Difference of Employment BPJS New Regulation?

Mufti Sholih    •    Jumat, 03 Jul 2015 16:12 WIB
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What is the Difference of Employment BPJS New Regulation?
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Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: The Employment BPJS regulation has been revised. But unfortunately, the government failed to socialize the revision of the regulation to Indonesian citizens.

Then why does the new Employment BPJS regulation is different? First, it is due to the mandate of the National Social Security System (SJSN) Law underlining the claim of Retirement Fund (JHT) after ten years of membership.

"Secondly, in SJSN Law, there is no excuse should a dismissal of employment occur, different than the Jamsostek Law," said the Minister of Employment and Transmigration Hanif Dhakiri in a Press Conference in Jakarta, Friday (7/3/2015).

Third, he continued, it is because substantially, the SJSN Law and the new JHT Regulation under the Law reignited the spirit of JHT as a protection scheme for the retirement age when the employee is no longer productive.

"If the sacked member may be able to liquidate all funds (before the terms of liquidation), aside from going against SJSN Law, it is also far from the spirit of retirement age protection," he explained.

He continued that if the problem lies in work termination, then there is an allowance scheme as the protective instrument. Hanif stated that JHT is considered to be more like a usual saving.

"That's what the members understood during the implementation of Jamsostek previously. When it is returned to the spirit of retirement age protection as stated in the SJSN Law, then worries started to emerge even though the JHT fund is not gone," he said.

Honestly, Hanif added, the scheme of Jamsostek with four programs (JKK, JKM, JHT and JP) has covered all workers' risks. During work accident, death, retirement age and pensions, all are within coverage.

"Each has its own basic functions and mechanism, according to its appointment. Even in the new regulation, there is beneficial increase to members, which is better than all Jamsostek programs throughout the times," he stated.

The issue was actually a new breakthrough from the current government, which is taking side on the improvement of social and welfare protection of the workers. (EPS)


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