Ahok Does Not Intend to Legalize Go-Jek

Wanda Indana    •    Selasa, 07 Jul 2015 13:34 WIB
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Ahok Does Not Intend to Legalize Go-Jek
This picture taken on June 11, 2015 shows motorcycle drivers with Indonesian start-up Go-Jek waiting for customers in Jakarta. (Photo: AFP /ADEK BERRY)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Jakarta Governor Basuki `Ahok` Tjahaja Purnama does not intend to legalize Go-Jek and GrabBike. The reason is that ojeg (or motor taxi) services are not regulated within the law. However, it is proven that their services are beneficial for the public.

"There is no plan of legalization, just stay in the dark," Ahok said at the City Hall, Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (7/7/2015).
Recently, the presence of Go-Jek and GrabBike received rejection from local ojeg and other public transportation operators such as Organda DKI. Ahok said Organda's rejection against Go-Jek is due to the competition of land transportation businesses.
He advised Organda's to follow the Rp/kilometer system to be applied by the city administration. Ahok also urged the local base ojeg to join Go-Jek. "If Organda wants to be good, they have to follow Rp/kilometer. To gain profit," he stated.
Ahok realized the presence of ojeg or Go-Jek haven't been regulated within the law. But Organda's is asked not to be a hypocrite, as the two-wheeled public transportation is extremely needed to break through the capital's traffic jam, whether it is recognized or not.
Previously, Organda had refused the presence of ojeg following the establishment of Go-Jek.  The reason was because the two were not listed as a public transportation mode in the Traffic (LLAJ) Law No. 22 Year 2009. In the regulation, it is mentioned that motorcycle is not a public transport for people and goods. (Eps)