Reasons Why Women are not Prepared for Marriage

Dwi Ayu Rochani    •    Rabu, 08 Jul 2015 13:05 WIB
Reasons Why Women are not Prepared for Marriage
Illustration. (Photo: Huffingtonpost), Jakarta: Not only men are worried when they have to decide to end their singlehood with their loved ones. The majority of women also feel the same: the difficulty of tying the knot in a marriage.

There are many factors causing a woman to be unprepared for marriage, among them is the inability to find comfort with their couple.

"The first one is not feeling comfortable, the heart not set to her boyfriend, or unable of finding a spouse who can make her happy," psychologist Indri Savitri M.Psi said in a phone interview with, Tuesday (7/7/2015).

Aside from that, Indri also mentioned that the psychological maturity of a person also influences the decision to get married.

"Every married couple wants to have the same vision, well, there are lots of women experiencing anxiety as they have always failed in communicating with their surroundings. So, she should still work on her homework to improve her psychic condition," she said.

Focusing on career achievements is also a factor on why most women are unprepared for marriage.

"And usually, there are lots of women, whose careers are rising, stating that a marriage is not mandatory. Well, this is dangerous," she concluded. (Eps)

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