Communications Minister Supported Developments of E-Sports

Mohammad Mamduh    •    Rabu, 08 Jul 2015 14:42 WIB
Communications Minister Supported Developments of E-Sports
Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara (5th left) with members of Indonesian Electronic Sport Association (IeSPA). (Photo: MTVN), Jakarta: Indonesian Electronic Sport Association (IeSPA) inaugurated the Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara as an Honorary Board member. Previously, IeSPA had also requested for the Deputy Member of the People's Consultative Assemby (MPR) Mahyudin as the Advisory Board member.

In a press release received today, Wednesday (8/7/2015), Deputy Chairman of IeSPA Angki Trijaka conveyed that during the meeting with Rudiantara yesterday, they have explained the development and achievements of Indonesian e-sports athletes in the international stage.

"The developments of e-sports and our athletes' achievements are really encouraging, for FPS and FIFA, which is reckoned with in ASEAN. Even for the certain FPS games, we were capable of becoming World Champion and our athlete had become the world's Best Player," he stated.

Meanwhile, the minister said they will support the developments of e-sports in Indonesia. However can since most athletes are still very young, he urged them not to forget education as a provision when they retire as athletes.

"Becoming a decorated e-sports athlete is good, but it would be better if the achievements covers academic as well, so the knowledge and capability in IT may be beneficial for the public when they are no longer athletes," he stated.

Anggi added that in the near future, IeSPA will form a synergy with several ministries to discuss e-sports programs and gaming industries, including the Ministry of Sports, Communications and Informatics, as well as the Ministry of Industry, in order to unify its activity programs. (Eps)