Ministry of Health's Qualifications for Commercial Sanitary Napkins

Nia Deviyana    •    Kamis, 09 Jul 2015 17:25 WIB
sanitary napkin
Ministry of Health's Qualifications for Commercial Sanitary Napkins
Illustration of sanitary napkin. (Photo:, Jakarta: Indonesian Ministry of Health responded to the research conducted by Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) related to the findings of dangerous sanitary napkins and pantyliners.

Previously, YLKI mentioned nine brands of sanitary napkins and seven pantyliners contains Chlorine, as it is dangerous to be used in a long term due to probability of causing cancer.

Maura Linda Sitanggang, as the Director General of Pharmacy and Health Equipments Advisory of the Health Ministry, explained that sanitary napkins are low risk health products in need of licenses prior to market distribution. The requirements for the distribution license is that the napkins should have absorption power of ten times from original weight and not strongly fluorescent.

"Fluorescence test was conducted to see the safety limitations of chlorine," she said in a press conference at the Adyatama Building of the Health Ministry, Wednesday evening, July 8.

Until currently, Maura stated, there are no sanitary napkins or pantyliners unqualified for distribution. It is based on the sampling results conducted from 2012 to mid 2015.

Maura urged YLKI to provide clarification related to its finding. The reason is that YLKI's finding is considered to ignite unrest for women.

"The worries on Chlorine that causes cancer is baseless, as all sanitary napkins distributed in the market have complied with the requirements of safety, quality and supervision repeatedly," she concluded.

To avoid sanitary products or unqualified pantyliners, the public may see whether the product is listed, by observing the AKL or AKD licenses printed on the package.

If it is still unconvincing, the public may also check through website or by phone at HALO KEMKES 500567. (Eps)