Tommy Hendratno Denies His Membership in ISIS

Yudi Irawan    •    Jumat, 10 Jul 2015 17:50 WIB
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Tommy Hendratno Denies His Membership in ISIS
Tommy Hendratno alleged joining with ISIS (Photo: Facebook), Bogor: Tommy Hendratno, a pilot serving at Fly Premiair, denied that he was a member of the Islamic State (ISIS) network.

When met in Bogor, West Java, Tommy Hendratno, a retired Navy Captain, replied simply on the news. The graduate of Pabang D3 Curug in 1999 said that he is an obedient citizen, on Friday (7/10/2015).

His obligations as a citizen were all fulfilled, as he complied with every government regulations, including paying his taxes. As related to his answers in Facebook social media, Tommy said it was only a balancer of other comments.

Australian media and the social media were said to have failed in clarifying with Tommy.

Two Indonesian pilots were mentioned to have allegedly joined ISIS. Australian Police is reported to have tracked the whereabouts of the two. It is revealed in a document of Australian Federal Police (AFP).

According to The Intercept, who obtained the document, both pilots were known as Ridwan Agustin and Tommy Hendratno.

The Intercept is a media which become the funnel for top secret documents hacked by the former contractor of America's National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden. Based on the document, The Intercept mentioned that AFP had tracked the two pilots through Facebook since September 2014.

In his statement, Ridwan Agustin is an AirAsia pilot joining since 2009. In his Facebook account, Ridwan shows the pictures during a training at the Airbus off ur in Tolouse, France, with AirAsia team.

Ridwan was said to graduate from the AirAsia Academy's pilot training in January 2010. With AirAsia, he flies international routes including Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as domestic routes.

In September 2014, Ridwan Ahmad's profile changed into Ridwan Ahmad Indonesiy. At the time, Ridwan stated his wish to fight in Kobani.

When sounding the wish of joining ISIS in Syria, Ridwan interacted with other Indonesian pilots from other airlines. The pilot had been known to frequently posted his support for ISIS. Meanwhile in mid-March 2015, Ridwan posted his last location in Raqqa, Syria. (EPS)


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