KPK Questions Hasto on PDIP Congress Funds

Yogi Bayu Aji    •    Rabu, 15 Jul 2015 17:37 WIB
KPK Questions Hasto on PDIP Congress Funds
Secretary General of PDIP Hasto Kristiyanto (Photo: MI), Jakarta: Secretary General of Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) Hasto Kristiyanto was questioned on the allegation of funding request for the Congress IV of PDI Perjuangan. However, Hasto denied that the bull-party had asked for its members to fund the Congress IV in Sanur, Denpasar.

Hasto explained PDIP had agreed not to request fund, as the member’s fee had already covered the congress’ operational expenses.

"A month before the congress and a week before the congress, in a fraction meeting of the party’s management board, we have affirmed that there were no funding needed as the collaborative fund collected by the party from internal sources, or those who supported PDIP as a pro-people ideological party, are sufficient for the congress," Hasto said after being examined as witness for Adriansyah at the Anti-Corruption Agency (KPK) Building, HR Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, Wednesday (7/15/2015).

Hasto was examined because Bambang Hartono, the lawyer of the marketing manager of PT MMS Andrew Hidayat – who allegedly bribed Adriansyah, stated that Andrew had intended to provide Rp1 billion, USD50,000 and SGD50,000 (a total of around Rp2.05 billion) for a donation to hold PDIP Congress in Bali. However, before the money was given to the Congress, Adriansyah was arrested on April 9, 2015.

The Semarang born male stated that Adriansyah is not a congress member. He was only an observer with no voting rights and authority to take decisions during the congress.

"As related to the fund, there were no funds coming from Adriansyah. It was firm as we have affirmed previously that for congress funds, we did not require any assistance from fraction members," he stated.

In the allegations of bribery in Tanah Laut, South Kalimantan, the anti-corruption institution had named two suspects. They are the member of the House of Representatives from PDIP Fraction Adriansyah, who was also a former mayor of Tanah Laut, as well as the Director of PT Mitra Maju Sukses Andrew Hidayat.

Andrew’s lawyer, Bambang Hartono agreed that some bribe money was to be given to Adriansyah in assisting the PDIP congress in Bali last April. However, the aid was unrealized due to Adriansyah’s arrest by KPK.

"And it is according to Adriansyah’s Minutes of Examination (BAP) that he requested aid for the (PDIP) congress as it was not delivered to the congress following the arrest by KPK officials," Bambang said at Jakarta Corruption Court, Monday, June 29.

Bambang did not want to mention that the money given to Adriansyah though a police personnel Agung Krisdiyanto is a bribe for the mining license in Tanah Laut Regency, South Kalimantan.

"On the money, we did admit that it was given from our clients to Mr. Adriansyah for aid. There is no relation to any mining license," he affirmed.

KPK state attorney charged Andrew Hidayat with bribing PDIP politician as many as RP1 billion. Andrew also allegedly give bribe money to Adriansyah in foreign exchange as many as USD50,000 and SGD50,000.

According to the district attorney, Adriansyah as a member of the House had assisted the process of mining licenses for companies managed by Andrew Hidayat in Tanah Laut Regency. On the actions, Andrew is facing penalty under Article 5 paragraoh (1) letter b of Law No. 31 Year 1999, as modified with the Law No. 20 Year 2001 juncto Article 64 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Law. (EPS)