KMSAK Urges Police Chief to Fire Head of Criminal Investigation

Anggitondi Martaon    •    Kamis, 16 Jul 2015 12:57 WIB
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KMSAK Urges Police Chief to Fire Head of Criminal Investigation
Coalition of Anti-Criminalization Civilian Citizens (KMSAK) (Photo: MTVN), Jakarta: Coalition of Anti-Criminalization Civilian Citizens (KMSAK) urges the government, especially National Police Chief, to fire Comm. Gen. Budi Waseso for abusing his authority as the National Police Criminal Investigation Chief, as he put forward the intentions to seek revenge.

The idea was brought forward by Haris Azhar in a joint discussion with Indonesian Labor Union (SBSI), Policy and Law Study Center, as well as observer Ray Rangkuti and several other NGOs.

"The idea is to urge Police Chief in firing Criminal Investigation Chief for unable to perform his duties in his position. Revenge motive is present," Haris Azhar said in Menteng area, Central Jakarta (7/15/2015).

The request was based on the fact when Budi Gunawan had been named suspect by the anti-corruption agency (KPK). KPK officials to its investigators were involved with several cases such as document forgery, firearms possessions and others.

Recently, the Criminal Investigation Unit named two officials of Judicial Commission (KY), Chairman Suparman Marzuki and Commissioner Taufiqurrohman Syahuri, as suspects following a lawsuit from judge Sarpin Rizaldi in a defamation case. Sarpin is the single judge who won Budi Gunawan's pre-trial appeal.

Aside from that, Haris considered that the police's methods in conducting its duties as law enforcers have shown injustice. "It is not accurate anymore. The arguments emerged were inappropriate or correct," he stated.

Haris urged President Joko Widodo to give more attention to the current legal structure situation, as it is considered to be developing out of the President's irresolution. (EPS)