Petition to Support Tempe as Indonesian Cultural Heritage Tops Virtual World

Damar Iradat    •    Kamis, 16 Jul 2015 15:23 WIB
Petition to Support Tempe as Indonesian Cultural Heritage Tops Virtual World
Rack fills with tempe (Photo: Antara), Jakarta: A petition to support Tempe (soybean cake) as a national cultural heritage of Indonesia began to flourish in the virtual world. The food, made of fermented soybean by Rhizopus oligosporus fungus is considered to have a long history in its motherland.

Through the website, the Indonesian Nutrition and Food Experts Association (Pergizi Pangan) started a petition titled "Support Tempe as Indonesian Cultural Heritage." The petition is appointed directly to the Minister of Education and Culture Anies Baswedan, as well as to UNESCO.

In the petition, Pergizi wrote that Tempe is now famous on various countries. The historical evidence stated that Tempe, with soybean as its basic ingredients, is a fermented product initially produced by Central Java community and consumed since the 1700s.

"In Indonesia, Tempe is accepted as one of highly nutritious and healthy food. However, Tempe is still seen as food for the low economy class. It is one of the reasons why Tempe is not gaining any in-depth attention from the government, policy makers and private institutions, making the development of Tempe in Indonesia relatively slow," as mentioned by the statement within the petition accessed by, Thursday (7/16/2015).

"Meanwhile in several other countries, Tempe gains major attention especially to its unique nutritional components, as it may be used to overcome the problems of malnutrition in lower class society, with the potential of preventing chronic diseases."

The issue, according to Pergizi, had made Tempe to be acclaimed and acknowledged as the original food of another country. For that, aspired from the recognition of UNESCO towards Batik within the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Tempe has a great potential to be included within the list.

"By the inclusion within the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list from UNESCO, the status of Tempe will increase both to Indonesians or the world. It can also improve  the status of Tempe, which is familiar as the food for poor people, so it may be consumed proudly by all classes."

The petition has been published since Wednesday, July 15. Earlier today at 09.30 WIB, there have been 11.815 people signing the petition. (EPS)


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