Kidnapping Victim at PGC Returns to Family in a Taxi

Intan fauzi    •    Selasa, 21 Jul 2015 14:50 WIB
Kidnapping Victim at PGC Returns to Family in a Taxi
Sintya Hermawan return to her home (Photo: Facebook), Jakarta: The child who was kidnapped at the Cililitan Retail Center (PGC), Sintya Hermawan (CH), 6, has been found. Sintya was known to return to her home by a taxi, Tuesday morning (7/21/2015).

"At around 06.30 local time (WIB), thanks God that Sintya has returned to her mother as she was driven by a taxi to her home," said East Jakarta Police Resort Chief, Police Grand Comm. Umar Farouq when contacted by, Tuesday (7/21/2015).

Sintya's physical condition is known to be alright. However, according to Umar, her mental condition was known to be disrupted.

"Sintya's condition is healthy, but mentally morose," stated Umar.

The police is currently searching for Sintya's kidnapper, among others by examining the taxi driver who drove Sintya's as means of acknowledging the methods used by the kidnapper.

"The investigative measure is conducted in maximum, as the modus operandi may be sought from the kidnapper," explained Umar. (EPS)