KPK to Prove Bribery Tap in the Trial Against PTUN Judge in Medan

Renatha Swasty    •    Jumat, 24 Jul 2015 14:34 WIB
KPK to Prove Bribery Tap in the Trial Against PTUN Judge in Medan
KPK building at Kuningan (Photo: Media Indonesia), Jakarta: The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) ensured they have acquired the recording of the conversation between North Sumatra Governor Gatot Pujo Nugroho with a person related to the bribery of Medan Administrative Court (PTUN) Judge. It will be revealed in the hearing.

"(Wiretap) will be opened in court," said the Deputy Chair of KPK Adnan Pandu Praja, when asked about Gatot's wiretap result at the KPK Building, Jakarta, Thursday evening (7/23/2015).

However, Adnan declined to explain further on the wiretap. He also would not reveal whether the recording is a strong evidence.

"Later," Adnan shortly answered.

KPK had examined Gatot once. In the 12-hour examination which occurred on Wednesday, July 22, Gatot was questioned regarding his relationship with the bribery suspect of Medan PTUN Judge, M. Yagari Bhastara alias Gerry and other parties, as well as the source of fund to bribe the Medan PTUN Chief.

KPK is searching for the source of fund on the alleged bribery case against Medan PTUN Judge. The case has dragged the PTUN Chief Tripeni Irianto Putro, Judge Amir Fauzi and Judge Dermawan Ginting. Lawyer M. Yagari Bhastara alias Gerry from the law office of OC Kaligis, along with Registrar Syamsir Yusfan, who is also chairing as the Secretary of Medan PTUN, were also taken into custody.

They were arrested by KPK on Thursday, July 9, where during the arrest, KPK investigators seized US$15,000 and SG$5,000 from the chamber of Medan PTUN Chairman. They were allegedly receiving bribes to win the case appealed by the North Sumatra Provincial Government through the province's Financial Bureau Chief Ahmad Fuad Lubis, as represented by Gerry. (EPS)


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