Pertamina to Distribute Pertalite Across Indonesia by Year End

Annisa ayu artanti    •    Selasa, 28 Jul 2015 15:28 WIB
Pertamina to Distribute Pertalite Across Indonesia by Year End
Pertalite at a gas station in Jakarta. (Photo: MI / Ramdani), Jakarta: PT Pertamina (tbk) targeted Pertalite fuel will be distributed evenly in all Indonesian regions by the end of 2015. The distribution is expected to benefit the public.

Pertamina's Vice President of Communication Wianda Pusponegoro said, after the company is focusing on 101 refuelling stations providing the RON 90 fuel, Pertamina is to distribute to other regions.

"So, maybe focusing on 101 stations for a while, then roll up to other regions," Wianda stated during a meet and greet at the Office of Ministry of State-Owned Companies (BUMN), Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta, Monday (7/27/2015).

Wianda explained, Pertamina targets this year, if everything goes well, that Pertalite will roll up to the several other regions. "By the end of the year. Hopefully when everything is well, also from the acceptance, on our logistic and distribution side goes according to plan, most likely we will roll up by the end of the year," he explained.

Wianda also mentioned that the fuel, priced at Rp8,400 per litter, is to be evaluated during the market test, which is for the next couple of months. He hopes that the marketing will be according to plan.

"We are trying to socialise it first. Don't let the socialisation lacks, not in depth. Don't let the public think that it is a subsidised item. Our socialisation is not enough yet. We have to conduct market test, on field, then the public comments," he concluded. (Eps)


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