Hazing Still Occurs in School Orientations

Fetry Wuryasti    •    Rabu, 29 Jul 2015 15:50 WIB
Hazing Still Occurs in School Orientations
New students participating in school orientation in Tangerang, Banten, July 29th, 2015. (Photo: Antara / Widodo S. Jusuf)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Several schools are still conducting the school orientation period with hazing, despite the strict ban against the activities by the Minister of Education and Culture Anies Baswedan, including harassment and violence during the school orientation period of 2015.

The attributes considered to be leading to hazing are still seen in High School 2 Tangerang, Vocational High School 4 Tangerang City and Yuppentek 1 Vocational High School Tangerang. Almost all new students were assigned by their seniors to wear attributes starting from hairbands, plastic ball helmets, up to farmers' hat (caping).

New students were dresses like clowns, wearing different coloured socks, plastic-laced shoes, as well as bags made of sacks. One of the students at the High School 2, Yandra Agung, stated that he and his friends were required to bring burdening items.

"We were told to bring three kilograms of used cartons, bringing the books with separate covers. On Saturday, we would bring five-centimeter (cm) bananas, Monday 10 cm, Tuesday 13 cm and Wednesday 15 cm. Aside from that we were to bring tempeh, tofu, eggs for lunch with timed eating period. If it is not finished, the rice will be poured to the student's head," Yandra explained the activities during the school orientation, Wednesday (7/29/2015). 

Anies deplored the misused orientation period with the actions of humiliating the freshmen by the committee. It was called hazing due to various 'disciplinary' regulations applied by the seniors, which were only applied to freshmen, not among the committee.

"The orientation has a purpose to introduce school activities so the freshmen may be better prepared to follow study activities," said Anies.

In reality, the orientation has another tendency of problematic aspect. The tradition of humiliating freshmen continues every year. "If conducted continuously, the country will be filled with people taking turns in conducting abuse of power," Anies said during an unannounced visit to High School 2 Tangerang.

According to Anies, the educational bureau and school headmasters have been informed on the Minister Regulation No. 55/2014, along with the Minister Circular Letter No. 59389/MPK/PD/ Year 2015 on the Prevention of Hazing Practices, Harassment and Violence During School Orientation, a week before the period began.

It is stated within the letter that the head of educational bureau is to anticipate and ensure that during the period of freshmen orientation, there will be no hazing practices, or any actions leading to hazing, harassment, violence to new students both physically or psychologically conducted within or beyond school areas.

Unfortunately, the school orientation committee said they have not read and unaware of the content of the Minister Regulation mentioned. Anies was surprised as saying "How is it possible that you conduct the orientation period without previously informing the Minister Regulation and Circular Letter."

Anies urged the students to file a report should they know that there is hazing during the orientation. If proven, his party may recommend the educational bureau to fire the headmaster and impose sanctions to the teachers. "Sanctions to the committee, let the school decide," Anies affirmed. (Eps)

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