Philippines Delegation Discussed Mary Jane's Fate

Ilham wibowo    •    Rabu, 29 Jul 2015 17:44 WIB
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Philippines Delegation Discussed Mary Jane's Fate
Philippines delegation leave office of Attorney General in Jakarta, July 29th, 2015. (Photo: MTVN / Ilham Wibowo), Jakarta: The Philippines government delegation visited the Attorney General's office to discuss the fate of death convict Mary Jane Veloso earlier this morning. But following the meeting, they have not said a word.

For more than two hours, the delegation was in the Attorney General's Office to meet the solicitor general of general crimes and the solicitor general of intelligence. The entourage exited the meeting room on Wednesday (7/29/2015) at around 12.30 local time (WIB) without saying a word.

As noted that Attorney General HM Prasetyo exclaimed that every requests from the Philippines government delegation to free Mary Jane from punishment would be difficult to be done. It is because Mary Jane had been proven to smuggle narcotics to Indonesia.

The fact, continued the Attorney General, had not made Mary Jane eluded death penalty, as the court have decided. Except there are novum (new evidence) which can be applied as base for the judicial review or clemency.

"Let's say the Philippines court decided that she is a trafficking victim, it is also difficult to be freed from the punishment here. But the verdict is possible if she would make it into a novum to appeal for another clemency or Judicial Review," Prasetyo stated.

Previously, Mary Jane's execution was postponed in Nusakambangan Correctional Facility, Cilacap, Central Java, on April 28. It was because Maria, the agent distributing Mary Jane as a migrant worker, had surrendered to the Philippines police. To the police, Maria stated Mary Jane is a victim of human trafficking. Maria is undergoing legal process and Mary Jane is scheduled to become a witness.

The decision to postpone Mary Jane's execution was reached only a couple of hours before the Indonesian Police's Mobile Brigade shot dead eight narcotics kingpins. Mary Jane had been scheduled to be executed along with these people. (Eps)


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