Microsoft: Windows 10 is the Best Windows in History

Ellavie Ichlasa Amalia    •    Kamis, 30 Jul 2015 15:14 WIB
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Microsoft: Windows 10 is the Best Windows in History
President Director of Microsoft Indonesia Andreas Diantoro, Jakarta: Today, Wednesday, July 29, Microsoft launched its lates Operating System (OS) Windows 10,  simultaneously in 190 countries. Located at Ritz Carlton, Microsoft Indonesia also officially introduced the OS in the country.

One of the things that Microsoft are proud of is that the OS may be used in every gadgets, starting from PC to the Internet of Things (IoT). Microsoft mentioned that they have tested Windows 10 in more than 2,000 various equipments.

Meanwhile, the President Director of Microsoft Indonesia Andreas Diantoro boldly stated that Windows 10 is the best Windows in the Microsoft's history. He is assured that the OS will be a favorite for Microsoft fans.

The reason is prior to the launching, Microsoft have tested Windows 10 to more than 5,000 people involved in the Windows Insider Program.

"Windows Insider is a tool for Windows users to convey their critics and suggestions to is. And with the inputs we have acquired, we were able to make Windows 10 into a more personal OS," Andreas said. "Windows 10 is an OS from you, to you."

He also conveyed that Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, has a vision Microsoft in a global scale, which is to make the public not only using Windows because they have to, but to choose in using it because they love it. (EPS)


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