Overcoming Prison Overcapacity, Yasonna Urges to Change Legal System

Mufti Sholih    •    Kamis, 30 Jul 2015 15:25 WIB
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Overcoming Prison Overcapacity, Yasonna Urges to Change Legal System
Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly (Photo: AFP)

Metrotvnews.com, Bogor: The Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna Laoly mentioned there are many solutions to deal with the overcapacity of the Indonesian Correctional Facilities. One of the great breakthrough is to change the legal system so that not all citizens caught for their crimes are sent to jail.

"We will fix the system, as for building new correctional facilities, the state budget is very limited," said the minister following an unannounced visit at Bogor's Second Class Correctional Facilities, Wednesday evening, July 29.

He also said that building the entire facilities will take a huge amount of funds, as the construction is not similar to a house, where the concrete walls should be made in several layers thick. Yasonna mentioned other solutions for the problem is to provide clemency for the drug abusers.

"We have spoken with the president about those who are eligible for clemency according to the regulation, with the verdict is over two years with a clemency model of treating the corrected citizens to be put outside for rehabilitation," he mentioned as quoted by Antara.

The idea was also to reduce the pressure inside, so it is sufficient. Aside from that, the minister said, the Law also mandated the drug user or abuser to be rehabilitated.

Another solution, the minister continued, is the remission (parole), but there is a huge problem not only applied to the corruptors, but also to drug abusers, as 50 percent of convicted Indonesians are due to drugs.

With the application of Government Regulation (PP) No. 9 Year 2012, Yasonna stated it would be a huge problem as the convicts would not easily be awarded remission, as they will be fined.

"It is as if the water inflow is a lot, and the outflow is less with remission. So the overcapacity problem is not well, but exploded. Then there should be a creative breakthrough on the matter," mentioned the PDIP politician. (EPS)