As'ad Said Ali Expects NU to Have Different Fate than PSSI

Misbahol Munir    •    Kamis, 30 Jul 2015 17:25 WIB
As'ad Said Ali Expects NU to Have Different Fate than PSSI
Deputy Chairman of NU General Committee KH Asad Said Ali (Photo: Antara), Jakarta: Deputy Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) General Committee KH As'ad Said Ali confessed he was anxious prior to the 33rd NU Summit in Jombang, August 1-5, 2015. The reason is that the participants from Regional and Branch Committees in Indonesia have not agreed on the selection model to be applied in the summit.

Therefore, he asked the parties involved in the succession of the new leader's election to put forward the spirit of unity. "Don't let the NU Summit in Jombang become a split in the organization, as happened to the political parties or PSSI," said KH As'ad Said Ali in Jakarta, as quoted by Antara, Thursday (7/30/2015).
According to As'ad, the current conference should be a unity, not to break the Islamic organization. Participants should make the meeting as the second rising momentum (nahdloh tsaniyah).
"The conference is an important event in the history of the Islamic public organization held in Jombang, the origins of its founders, to welcome a century of the ulemas organization," said the alumni of Krapyak Yogyakarta Boarding School.
As'ad, who recently stated he is prepared in becoming a candidate for the PBNU Chairman, hoped the Jombang Conference will discuss the strategic measures to welcome the 100 years of NU.
"The conference should be based on the spirit of welcoming a century of NU. The organization is a public organization firmly hold the tawasuth (moderate), tawazun (proportional) dan tasamuh (tolerant)," he stated.
According to As'ad, NU is the considered the best in tackling various rising religious problems. Even in 2014, Muslims in Afghanistan declared the establishment of Afghanistan NU (NUA) with a similar format to NU in Indonesia.
According to As'ad, NU will still be an Islamic organization which is great, clean and respected, as well as rahmatan lil alamin". However, the arrangement and consolidation of the organization should be conducted within the internal NU environment to face many challenges and changes.
He added that in its 100th year, NU is faced with several developments, such as the public had been spread not only concentrated in the villages, but also Indonesia's major cities. Aside from that, the NU generation is no longer dominated by the experts in Islam.
"We have now got a new force, the businessmen, bureaucrats, academicians, politicians and professionals. All wanted to join in strengthening NU but unaware of the measures. This is what we need to think about, if not, the cadres will be taken by others," he said. (EPS)

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