Japan Offers Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train Construction

Suryopratomo    •    Rabu, 05 Aug 2015 16:08 WIB
Japan Offers Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train Construction
Kereta peluru atau shinkansen berada di sebuah stasiun di Tokyo, Jepang, 30 Mei 2015. (Foto: AFP / KAZUHIRO NOGI)

Metrotvnews.com, Tokyo: Japanese government offered the construction of Jakarta-Bandung fast train as part of the train industry developments in Indonesia. The construction of Shinkansen is part of the developments of Asia's fast train.

Japanese Prime Minister Special Advisor, Hiroto Izumi conveyed the proposition when visited by the Minister of Trade Rachmat Gobel in Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday (8/4/2015).

The Minister was accompanied by deputy ambassador Ben Perkasa Drajat and Special Staff Chris Kanter and Gusmardi Bustami. Izumi, who previously met with President Joko Widodo in Jakarta explained that Japan wanted to build partnership with Indonesia in the fast train developments.

Japan has 50 years of experience in developing Shinkansen without having any incidents. The tardiness level was also very low, at a minute per day, while every four minutes there is a Shinkansen deployed from the stations across Japan.

Izumi thinks that the Shinkansen construction project offered by Japan is worth up to 700 billion Yen. At around 75 percent of the project will be funded by Japan with a 40-year time and 10-year grace period. The interest rate applied was only at 0.1 percent.

Japanese government had never offered a project with that kind of interest. The offer was put forward as Japan wants to create Shinkansen construction model in Asia.

According to the Senior Managing Director of International Cooperation at Japan Bank, Tadashi Maeda, the construction of Jakarta-Bandung fast train will be beneficial to Indonesia. Should the project started in 2016, trials may be conducted on 2019, as a test for 2021 full operation.

With the estimation d 44,000 passengers per day and Rp200,000 ticket price, Jakarta-Bandung Shinkansen will be able to return the investment.

Izumi added another benefit acquired by Indonesia is the improvement of the human resources in the train industry, as well as technology transfer. Japan is committed that 50 percent of the needs will be supplied by local industry in Indonesia. He even stated that 270 billion of the initial investment will be provided to Indonesian business people.

Trade Minister said Japan's offer is worth the attention. Moreover if the local supporting industry is given the chance to develop. Japan's experience in train industry will be a learning material to build the transportation system in Indonesia.