Final Stage of Ministers Reshuffle Preparation Completed

Tri Kurniawan    •    Rabu, 12 Aug 2015 10:14 WIB
cabinet reshuffle
Final Stage of Ministers Reshuffle Preparation Completed
President Joko Widodo led a cabinet meeting (Photo: MI), Jakarta: President Joko Widodo was said to have completed the final stage before dismantling the Working Cabinet. The reshuffle of the cabinet is to be announced soon.

"Performance evaluation is completed. President is considering a reshuffle soon. Whether it is today or tomorrow? Only the President knows," said the politician from the party supporting the government, Johnny G. Plate to, Wednesday (8/12/2015).

The member of parliament from NasDem fraction stated the President should announce who are the replaced ministers or shuffled to other posts. Therefore, the new ministers will be involved in the 2016 State Budget discussion.

"As during the officiation on October and implemented in January, (new ministers) directly tuned in," Johnny said.

According to the politician, NasDem advised the president to put more senior economist to the Working Cabinet. Senior economist, he said, will develop market trust and maintain economic growth.

"If not, the economy will be pessimistic. So, it is important to grow market optimism," he stated.

President admitted to have assessed the performance of the Working Cabinet. He said the reshuffling is to be decided.

"(Cabinet reshuffle) could be in a short time, could be swiftly. As soon as possible," President said, Tuesday August 11.

The performance of economic ministers is often the highlight. President said if the performance of his subordinate is not good, they should be replaced.

"If it needs improvement, we correct them, we have to improve. Meaning, the ministers might have to be changed," affirmed the President.