Surya Paloh Awarded With Honorary Mahaputra Star

Desi Angriani    •    Kamis, 13 Aug 2015 16:38 WIB
surya paloh
Surya Paloh Awarded With Honorary Mahaputra Star
The chief of Media Group Surya Paloh (2nd L) was awarded with the Mahaputra Star as a national press figure at State Palace, Jakarta, August 13, 2015. (Photo: MI / Panca Syurkani), Jakarta: President Joko Widodo awarded an honorary mark to the Chairman of NasDem Party Surya Paloh. The chief of Media Group was awarded with the Mahaputra Star as a national press figure.

The awarding was conducted at the State Palace,  Jalan Veteran, Jakarta, Thursday (8/13/2015). The awarding was based on the approval of the first plenary of the Board of Titles, Decoration and Honors (GTK Board) in the August 2015 period.

The honorary marks were given in several categories to 45 national figures. First, Bintang Mahaputra Adipradana was awarded to Hamdan Zoelva, former Constitutional Court (MK) Chief; former Military Commander General (Ret) Moeldoko; former Chief of Police General (Ret) Sutanto and former Police Chief General (Ret) Bimantoro.

Secondly, Bintang Mahaputra Utama were awarded to Achmad Sodiki (former MK judge); Hardjono (former MK judge); Ahmad Fadli Sumadi (former MK judge); Muhammad Alim (MK judge).

Then, Admiral (Ret) Marsetio (former Navy Chief of Staff); Air Marshall TNI (Ret) Ida Bagus Putu Dunia (former Air Force Chief of Staff), Harbrinderjit Singh Dillon (former Presidential Specual Envoy for Poverty Eradication).

Bintang Mahaputra Utama were also given to Busyro Muqoddas (former Judicial Commission chief and KPK chief), Haryono Umar (former KPK commissioner), Tahir Saimima (former KY commissioner), Mustofa Abdullah (former KY member).

Aside from that, Zainal Arifin (former KY member); Soekotjo Soeparto (former KY member); Sabam Sirait (former member of DPR PDI-P); Syafii Maarif (former Chairman of  PP Muhammadiyah); Franz Magnis Suseno (philosophist dan cultural figure) dan Harun Nasution (moderate culture developer).

Thirdly, Bintang Jasa Utama were awarded to Alm Burhan Muhammad (Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan); Ahmad Heryawan (West Java Governor), Ganjar Pranowo (Central Java Governor), Cornelis (West Kalimantan Governor); Frans Lebu Raya (East Nusa Tenggara Governor), Christiany Eugenia Paruntu (South Minahasa Regent).

Then, Stephanus Malak (Sorong Regent); Tri Rismaharini (Surabaya Mayor); Didin Hafidhuddin Maturidi (chairman of National Aid Fund Agency); Dato Sri Profesor Tahir (Mayapada Group); Mochtar Riyadi (Lippo Group); Schoichiro Toyoda (member of the board of Toyota motor); Toshihiro Nikai (Chairman of the General Council of Liberal Democratic Party).

Fourth, Bintang Jasa Pratama to one person, Heri Listyawati Burhan (the wife of Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan).

Fifth, Bintang Penegak Demokrasi Utama were awarded to Husni Kamil Manik (Chairman of KPU) dan Muhammad (Chairman of Bawaslu).

Lastly, Bintang Budaya Parama Dharma was given to eight people, Mustofa Bisri (Raudlatuth Tholibin Rembang Boarding House Caretaker), Gunawan Soesatyo Mohammad (Literature and Cultural Figure), alm Petrus Josephus Zoetmulder (Specialist of ancient Javanese literature, the inventor of ancient Java - English dictionary).

And alm Wasi Kolodoro (Ki Tjokrowasito), Javanese Karawitan music composer and the main supporter of Ramayana dance; alm Hosesein Djajadiningrat, initiator of science tradition; alm Nursjiwan Tirtaamidjaja, designer and sculptor; alm Hendra Gunawan, painter and sculptor; dan alm Soejoedi Wiryoatmojo, an architect.

The awarding of the Honorary Marks referred to Article 28 paragraph 2 of Law No. 20 Year 2009 on Titles, Decoration and Honors. Subjects receiving the awards are thought to be exceptional in various fields of social, politics, economy, law, culture to science and technology, as well as being recognized widely nationally and internationally.

Meanwhile the individuals receiving the Decoration refers to Article 28 paragraph 3 of Law No. 20 Year 2009 on Titles, Decoration and Honors. They are considered to be great in a certain kind of event beneficial to the glory of the country, their services in economy, social and politics, as their services are acknowledged nationally.