Indonesia: Possibility for the 16th World Economic Strength

Suci Sedya Utami    •    Jumat, 14 Aug 2015 14:13 WIB
president joko widodo
Indonesia: Possibility for the 16th World Economic Strength
President Joko Widodo read his statement (Photo: Metro TV), Jakarta: President Joko Widodo said that Indonesia has a great potential of becoming a developed and prosperous country. It is seen from the social and economic capital possessed by the country.

"Indonesia has a large and creative society, increasing middle classmen, democratic politic system, moderate Muslim society and to become the 16th economic power in the world," said Jokowi as reading his state speech at the People's Representative Council (DPR) Building, Jakarta, Friday (8/14/2015).

The dream is aligned with the GDP income at around Rp10,000 trillion. It can be achieved with hard work, optimism, as well as changing consumptive manner to the productive one. Therefore, Indonesia will have the dignity among the world's nations.

According to Jokowi, that may be achieved with acceleration of being the just and prosperous country, with support from Indonesian people, as it is determined by the performance and unity of the state institutions.

"The unity will also strengthen the presidential system so that the government become stable," added Jokowi.

Therefore, the government will be able to protect all Indonesian people and its lands, enhancing the welfare, as joining the effort in conducting world order based on freedom, peace and social justice.


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