Cultural Figure: Pancasila is not Only Wall Decoration

Antara    •    Minggu, 16 Aug 2015 17:05 WIB
Cultural Figure: Pancasila is not Only Wall Decoration
Cultural Figure Franz Magnis Suseno. (Photo: Antara / Dodo Karundeng), Jakarta: Cultural Figure Franz Magnis Suseno affirmed that the 70th commemoration of Indonesian Independence on August 17, 2015, should be a momentum to value Pancasila.

"Pancasila is not only a wall decoration, but it is an agreement of a nation," said Franz in Jakarta, Sunday (8/16/2015).

Pancasila, added the man also known as a lecturer and a philosopher, is an agreement of a nation in accepting its identity in every difference. However, it is being denied by the parties having their own interests. But those do not matter if everyone is fighting for the unity.

"Don't give up. Small groups are also Indonesians. They're also humans," added the man with the full name of Maria Franz Anton Valerian Benedictus Ferdinand von Magnis.

Every value of Pancasila has a deep meaning. The German born man, on May 26, 1936, put the meaning on the first value as the presence of God within the hearts of every Indonesian. Second value of Pancasila is to believe in denying violence in human values. The third, is about the importance of the nation's unity. Moreover, the fourth is maintaining of the present democracy, not to be lost in vain, where the fifth took the meaning of the current struggle of achieving social justice.

In the future, the figure closely known as Frater Magnis hoped the government is consistent in protecting the minorities, as giving no tolerance on the violence actors bringing forward the name of religion. 

"I also hope that KPK is given its strength back to fight corruption," he stated.

Aside from that, he also hoped the government is being serious in dealing with the economic slowdown of Indonesia happening on the first semester this year.