SBY Explained His Abscence in Jokowi's Speech

Satria Sakti Utama    •    Minggu, 16 Aug 2015 17:13 WIB
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SBY Explained His Abscence in Jokowi's Speech
Twitter account of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono: (Photo: Twitter), Jakarta: As Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) skipped the parliament's invitation to attend the State Speech of President Joko Widodo, he was being questioned on his whereabouts, what he's doing, and his reasons.

The answers provided by two Democrat Party members to the press were also contradicted. The chairman of the Democrat, according to Ruhut Sitompul when met at the People's Representative Council, was abroad to fulfill international forum invitation. On the other hand, Imelda Sari said SBY was on a historical pilgrimage of General Sudirman's trail.

Through his personal Twitter and Facebook account, Saturday (8/15/2015), SBY answered all questions directed to him, as quoted below:
Yesterday, in Purworejo and Yogyakarta, there was the media asking my absence in the parliament when President Jokowi deliberated his speech. To tell you the truth, after I commemorated the Independence Day in Jakarta, this year I would like to go 'home' to commemorate it in Pacitan.

The presence of former Presidents and Vice Presidents in the MPR's event was based on invitation. Also in the event of the Proclamation Declaration (Detik-Detik Proklamasi) at the palace. As many as 10 times I have delivered my speech in Senayan (parliament building - red), only several times that one or two former presidents and Vice Presidents were present. (It's common) because it is based on invitation.

On the Proclamation Declaration event in the state palace, Gus Dur was present once. Aside from that, former presidents have commemorated it on other places. By what I have experienced then, I have no negative thoughts of those people. Nothing is wrong, because it was not a necessity.

After 10 years of commemorating the Independence Day in Jakarta, God willing, I will commemorate it with the people of Pacitan.

I have planned to commemorate it with the freedom fighters and veterans in Nawangan, Pacitan - where General Sudirman led the guerrilla war. This morning, I went from Yogyakatya to Pacitan, after previously me and Ani left Jakarta by train.

I apologized to the public, as there were the 'misdirection' on my absence yesterday. This is my explanation, and hopefully the series of Independence Day events in Jakarta are successful, and under the leadership of President Jokowi, Indonesia will develop further.


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