Matt Arkarna Caught by Indonesian Gemstone 'Fever'

Agustinus Shindu Alpito    •    Selasa, 18 Aug 2015 14:24 WIB
Matt Arkarna Caught by Indonesian Gemstone 'Fever'
Matt Hart, Arkarna guitarist. (Photo: MTVN / Agustinus Shindu Alpito), Jakarta: Somehow it is interesting when we look at the fingers of Arkarna guitarist, Matt Hart. The Brit wears a gemstone ring with a substantial size. 

After being asked, Matt actually said he got the stone and ring from the people he had met.

"It's fun for me, they (Indonesians) gave lots of presents. It seems interesting to wear something different (wearing the gemstone). Something new," Matt said as he showers the  ring on his finger.

For Matt, the gemstone and other gifts remind him of the moments he has passed while staying in Indonesia.

"It's fun for me when I stroll around and someone recognized me, and we chat, and I got to know them further. Lots of those who were surprised to see me wear this gemstone," he admitted when met in Central Park, West Jakarta, Monday (8/17/2015).

Matt was very excited in explaining the two gemstones on his left fingers. "This is from Yogya. This one is from Bali," he said while moving his point and middle fingers.

"It meant a lot for me," he added.

Matt was known to often goes back and forth from Britain to Indonesia. He was also known actively highlighting the hot issues in the country, for example, the 2014 Presidential Elections and the drug convicts death sentence some time ago.

Now, with Arkarna, Matt is rearranging Kebyar Kebyar, an Indonesian anthem.


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