Indonesian Workers Social Insurance System, the Largest in the World

Suci Sedya Utami    •    Rabu, 19 Aug 2015 13:50 WIB
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Indonesian Workers Social Insurance System, the Largest in the World
Minister of Employment Hanif Dhakiri (C) in the International Seminar on Social Security Reform, at Sofitel Hotel, Bali, Wednesday (8/19/2015). (Photo: MTVN / Suci Sedya Utami), Bali: The reform of social security in Indonesia is continually being conducted. One of them is by officiating the operational of Social Security Services Agency (BPJS) of Employment, which was initiated on July 1.

Even though it is in its early stages, Minister of Employment Hanif Dhakiri in his welcoming speech at the international social security reform seminar mentioned that the reform of social security system for workers in Indonesia can be categorized as one of the biggest in the world.

Hanif explained it is seen from the coverage of participants registered to Employment BPJS, at around 120 million lives. The number is comprised of formal and informal workers.

"From the number of participants are huge, at around 120 million," said Hanif in his speech in the International Seminar on Social Security Reform, at Sofitel Hotel, Bali, Wednesday (8/19/2015).

Hanif said, there are lots of lessons which may be learnt from the reform, but there are still lots to be fixed. Moreover, in between all the reform process, he realized the challenges to expand the coverage of participants for workers, especially informal workers reaching 63 percent out of all the workforce.

"Surely this is a specific challenge, especially for the government and Employment BPJS as the committee," he stated.

Therefore, he stated through the forum that the government or Employment BPJS have opened themselves in the cooperative mainframe to enhance the quality of protection and welfare to the people.

"With the huge potential of participants, our Employment BPJS is expected to gain revenue from the management of world employment services, so that the protection and social security service in the country may improve," explained Hanif.

For the record, the seminar is meant to establish Employment BPJS' role in the international scale with the contribution of sharing the experience towards other countries on its reforms of Indonesian social security.

Aside from being opened by Hanif, the forum featured speakers from experts and observers on social security, among others the President of Internasional Social Security Association (ASSI) Errol Frank Stoove, Chairman of Social Security Board Chazali Husni Situmorang, as well as the Director of Employment BPJS Elvyn G Masassya.

Aside from that, it was also headed by speakers from international institutions, such as Peter Whiteford from the School of Public Policy of Australian National University, Matthias Meissner from the University of Applied Sciences Munich, as well as Junichi Sakamanto from the Normura Research Institute Japan. Additionally, also present to speak were George Kurdna from the UNSW Australia, Head of Internasional Centre Kyungsik Kim, NPS-Korea and several other speakers.


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