Rizal Ramli Misunderstood Garuda, Minister Rini Replied

Suci Sedya Utami    •    Jumat, 21 Aug 2015 18:01 WIB
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Rizal Ramli Misunderstood Garuda, Minister Rini Replied
Garuda Indonesia sign letter of intent for Airbus A350 (Photo: Airbus)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Only a while in the Work Cabinet, Coordinating Minister of Maritime Rizal Ramli had caused uneasiness to the Minister of State-Owned Company (BUMN) Rini Soemarno, as he commented on the purchase of aircrafts by the state-owned airlines PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk.

With respect to Rizal, Rini said she was not being offensive towards Rizal. However, she affirmed that the her ministry is not under the authority of the Maritime Coordinating Ministry, as Rizal misunderstood the Garuda case.

"I wasn't being offensive, but BUMN is not under (the coordination) of Maritime Coordinating Ministry. It is under the Coordinating Ministry of Economics," stated Rini as she explained the question of the Chairman of Commission VI of the People's Representative Council on her dispute with Rizal, at the work meeting with the commission in the Parliamentary Complex, Senayan, South Jakarta, Thursday evening (8/20/2015).

Rini then explained that during the MoU in Paris, she was not present. It was purely a program from Garuda Indonesia as a good governance. Moreover, it was only a letter of intent between Garuda and Boeing. She thinks that there was no commitment, as the letter can be cancelled.

"This is only a possibility of conducting list or order, so there is no commitment yet," said Rini.

The problem is that why Garuda conducted the letter of intent? Roni explained there are 33 wide body aircrafts owned by Garuda, whereas the 23 will expire within the next 5-10 years, as Garuda has to think about the replacement. And the most important thing, it takes 3-5 years to order an aircraft.

"There is a wait list. We ordered Airbus and Boeing in 2007. It should be understood that the position is like that. It is only a letter of intent, still on discussion. Garuda did mentioned that, as they hope they will get the order. I only said that Airbus has made an order with Dirgantara on the components. If it is possible, increase the order. With hope that they noted us when we order for a wait list," explained the former Minister of Industry and Trade during President Megawati's era.

Furthermore Rini added that as it was already present, it is hoped that it will be certified. If Garuda is already on a wait list, most likely it will be easy to order an aircraft.

Previously, Minister Ramli gave an idea to President Jokowi to prevent Garuda from purchasing 30 Airbus A350, as the company has to borrow US$44.5 billion from China Aviation Bank. Rizal does not want the aircraft used for international flights to be lacking passengers, as he is worried that the red plate airlines to suffer from loss.

"I don't want Garuda to be broke again. As a month ago, they bought planes by borrowing US$44.5 billion to China, for 30 Airbus A350, which was only fit for the Jakarta-USA and Jakarta-Europe routes," said Rizal.