Kaligis Hospitalized at RSCM

Yogi Bayu Aji    •    Sabtu, 22 Aug 2015 10:31 WIB
Kaligis Hospitalized at RSCM
OC Kaligis (Photo: Antara)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: The defendant of the bribery case on the Medan Administrative Court Otto Cornelis Kaligis was hospitalized at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM). He  was to be examined by a team of doctors from the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI).

"Since 8AM this morning he was already there, as he is conducting observation by the IDI's doctor team. KPK informed me, as OCK wanted to be accompanied by his legal counsel," said Kaligis' legal representative, Humphrey Djemat, when confirmed on Friday (8/21/2015).
He thinks that Kaligis often complained of illness since he was taken into custody by the anti-corruption agency on July 14. The blood pressure of the senior advocate often rose. "Plus he has a high sugar blood level as confirmed by KPK doctors," Humphrey explained.
He was also unaware whether Kaligis would need to stay at the hospital. "It depends on doctors' recommendation," he stated.
On Thursday, August 20, Board of Judges at the Anti Corruption Court decided that Kaligis was to be examined by the doctors from IDI. The board had also postponed Kaligis' trials for a week.
Kaligis did not attend yesterday's initial hearing. He complained of being ill, but refused to be checked by the doctor. Kaligis was determined to be checked by a neuro surgeon from the Army Hospital (RSPAD), dr. Terawan Putranto.
KPK had refused Kaligis' demand. To be objective, KPK requested IDI doctors to check. But Kaligis still refused and insisted to be examined by dr. Terawan.
KPK succumbed and fulfill Kaligis' wish, but dr. Terawan was busy with his accreditation, causing Kaligis' health check can't be conducted. The examination was necessary to presume the trial.
In response to the fact, Head Judge Sumpeno finally decided that Kaligis was to be examined by doctors from IDI. "The prosecutor's appeal is reasonable and may be granted. Deciding, fulfilling the demand that defendant OC Kaligis to be examined by IDI doctors team," said Sumpeno at the court, in Jakarta, last Thursday.
Judge had decided that Kaligis' examination to be conducted as soon as possible following the decision. Aside from that, the judge had required Kaligis to be present next week. "To decide the schedule of the trial to be set on Thursday, August 27, at 09.30AM," said the judge.

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