Rupiah Hits Rp14.000/USD

Ade Hapsari Lestarini    •    Senin, 24 Aug 2015 14:37 WIB
Rupiah Hits Rp14.000/USD
An officer shows several USD at currency exchange in Jakarta, August 24, 2015. (Photo: Antara Foto / Wahyu Putro A), Jakarta: Rupiah movement at the opening this morning finally hits the level of Rp14,000 per USD. It actually weakens even more.

Quoting Bloomberg, Monday (8/24/2015), Rupiah is at Rp14,036 per USD, or weakening by 95.3 points, as equal to 0.68 percent. This morning, Rupiah was opened at the level of 13.977 per USD.

Meanwhile, based on the Yahoo Finance data, Rupiah was opened at the level of Rp14,085 per USD as it moved downward. Rupiah even slumped 260.5 points, or equal to 1.88 percent if compared to the previous movements.

The analysis of Samuel Security stated that Rupiah slumped until the closing Friday afternoon, along with the dollar strengthening in the Asian market. The SUN and JCI were also down at the same day.

Then, the commodity which is also still slumping still maintained the weakening trend of Rupiah, as oil price again slumped at almost three percent. The stabilization policy by Bank Indonesia and the Financial Authority is estimated to assist in preventing the more decreasing rupiah assets, or the selling actions of foreign companies which hardly blocked.

"Rupiah seems to be able to maintain at around Rp14,000 for several moments, but still under pressure," said the research.