Language Should be the Main Requirements for Foreign Workers in Indonesia

Surya Perkasa    •    Selasa, 25 Aug 2015 14:14 WIB
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Language Should be the Main Requirements for Foreign Workers in Indonesia
The member of Commission IX of the Representative Council of People from the PPP fraction, Okky Asokawati. (Photo: Antara Foto / Widodo S Jusuf), Jakarta: The government cancelled the requirements of Indonesian language capabilities for foreign workers to enter Indonesia. The member of Commission IX of the People's Representative Council from the PPP fraction, Okky Asokawati, thinks the policy signed by the Employment Minister is not aligned with Jokowi-JK's Seven Goals (Nawacita).

"I remind the government to make policies siding with its own people. The workers liberalization is definitely against the Nawacita of President Jokowi. The Indonesian language ability should be the main requirements of foreign workers in Indonesia," affirmed Okky, Monday (8/24/2015).

The Employment Minister Regulation No. 16/2015 is considered to be against the spirit of creating the nation's independence as initiated by Jokowi. Indonesian language is the requirements of technology and knowledge transfer to happen from these foreigners.

"How can we do expertise and technology transfer to domestic workers should the language used is their mother language, not Indonesian," she mentioned.

Aside from that, she thinks it would be common if the working field is dominated by foreigners. The government is considered to fail in seeing the downwards effect of what will happen when formalizing and applying this regulation. 

"Should the foreign worker is an unskilled worker, it will hurt the majority of locals having elementary or junior high school education. The promise of opening 10 million occupations for Indonesians could backfire into occupancies for foreign workers," explained the PPP politician.

"It relates to the pride and dignity of the nation. With these foreign workers around, it will distant President Jokowi's Nawacita, along with the promise he gave during the previous election," she criticized.