Often Loud-mouthed, Ahok is Suggested to Learn from Jokowi

LB Ciputri Hutabarat    •    Minggu, 30 Aug 2015 16:13 WIB
kampung pulo eviction
Often Loud-mouthed, Ahok is Suggested to Learn from Jokowi
Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama a.k.a. Ahok. (Photo: Antara Foto / Reno Esnir)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: The movement of #FightAhok, or #LawanAhok, urged the Jakarta Governor Basuki 'Ahok' Tjahaja Purnama to learn the ways of President Joko Widodo in relocating the residents. Ahok is asked to copy Jokowi's finesse in relocating hundreds of street vendors (PKL) without force in Surabaya.

"We want Ahok to copy Jokowi. Last time Mr. Jokowi was able to relocate hundreds of vendors in Surabaya with 10 meetings, along with a lunch session," said the Coordinator of #LawanAhok, Tegar Putuhena to Metrotvnews.com in Jalan Diponegoro Nomor 16, Central Jakarta, Saturday (8/29/2015).

Tegar asked for Ahok's promise not to conduct any relocations during the previous regional election. "The campaigning promise was no relocation. But this is already barbaric," said Tegar.

He also deplored Ahok's attitude in rushing to relocate Kampung Pulo residents. He thinks that the way for discussion is still wide open for the Jakarta Provincial Government and for Kampung Pulo residents.

"Whatever it is, it has to be based on deliberation. He should have called the residents' representatives there, rather than using the officials up to three layers," he stated.

Last Friday (8/28/2015), hundreds of people gathered in the Movement Against Ahok (Gerakan Lawan Ahok) demonstrated in front of his official residence. They prayed that Ahok would be a polite leader, as well as siding with the people.

The head of the movement, Tegar Putuhena, said Ahok should be able to be polite and evaded dirty and racist remarks. Not considering the 'small' people as enemies.
"A leader should be polite, understanding the people, not cursing the people. We pray that Ahok stopped his mouth from being too trashy," he added.
Tegar again stated that they will conduct similar action next week, at his private residence in Pantai Mutiara, North Jakarta. The Movement Against Ahok is comprised of several organizations, among other Gerakan Kamsia Ahok, PPMI '98, Humanika, Permuda Gerindra, GPII Aktivis PB HMI, Tokoh Muda Aktivis HMI se-Jakarta, KAHMI Forever, Hajar Ahok, InDemo, Forum Rakyat, Gemuis Betawi, IKA Jayabaya, BEM Azzahra and Otista Residents.