Suspicion on CSR Fund Corruption at Pertamina Foundation

Githa Farahdina    •    Selasa, 01 Sep 2015 20:14 WIB
Suspicion on CSR Fund Corruption at Pertamina Foundation
Pertamina Foundation in Simprug, Jakarta. (Photo: MTVN / Githa Farahdina), Jakarta: Investigators from the Directorate of Economic and Special Crimes (Tipideksus) searched the office of Pertamina Foundation in Simprug area, South Jakarta. According to the Director, Brigadier General Victor Simanjuntak, his team had searched several rooms.

"The treasury room, then the director's room, and the data and planning room were searched. There were four locations," said Victor at the location, Tuesday (9/1/2015).

So far, added Victor, his party has obtained several documents, among others the documents of Corporate Social Responsibility and volunteers data.

"Possibly there are volunteers, which will be cross checked whether there are volunteers or not in the payment agreements," added Victor.

However, his party needs quite a long time to conduct cross checking, as the investigators have to visit the location of the CSR.

The CSR project, added Victor, is used for the Tree Planting Program (Gerakan Menanam Pohon), Sobat Bumi School, Sobat Bumi Scholarships and the Pertamina Football School. The total loss is expected at Rp126 billion since 2012 to 2014, from the total value of Rp256 billion.

Victor explained that many parties have assessed that CSR cannot be categorized as a corruption. But he has an explanation, "Don't forget, the central government financial report includes CSR. CSR is the separated state finance. It is still a form of corruption which created loss in the state finance," said Victor.

He explained that the investigators have had the suspects' name(s). The police, he stated, is looking for a form of evidence which may strengthen the involvement of the suspect through the search.

Investigators, he said, are also tracking the flow of funds. He ensured that the suspect will be examined post-search, as the witnesses examination will be conducted to strengthen the naming of a suspect, or the possibility of other suspects.

Investigators has obtained the copy of several documents, along with its original copy, during the search.