Govt Adds 47 Free Visa Countries

Gervin Nathaniel Purba    •    Selasa, 01 Sep 2015 20:21 WIB
Govt Adds 47 Free Visa Countries
Coordinating Minister of Maritime Rizal Ramli. (Photo: MI / ROMMY PUJIANTO), Jakarta: The Coordinating Ministry of Maritime, along with the Tourism Ministry agreed to add the number of nations eligible for free visa entry with another 47. 

At the beginning, both ministries had suggested to give free visa to 50 countries. However after the evaluation, there are several countries scraped, which sums the number to 47. 

"Problematic countries such as drugs, stability and exporting radicalism, we don't give free visa to," said the Coordinating Minister of Maritime Rizal Ramli when met at the Building of the Technology Studies and Application (BPPT), Jakarta, Tuesday (9/1/2015).

Rizal hoped the number of tourists entering Indonesia may rise from the initial number of 10 million. If is hoped that the number will double to 20 million tourists within the next five years.

Aside from that, with the increasing number of tourists coming to Indonesia, it will provide the effect to the increasing state's foreign exchange. The target of the foreign exchange increase is as many as USD20 million for the next five years.

On the other hand, the Minister of Tourism, Arif Yahua stated that according to the decision, there are in total of 92 countries able to enter Indonesia without a visa. In the previous stage, there were 45 countries who have been given free visa.